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WJ Dennis & Company

Easy Screen

Our Screen will provide peace and comfort in your home                    

This is a line of screen products that will respond to your needs.

Whether you need to replace a screen or make one from scratch, our screen products will allow you to do it fast and easy. 

Pre-cut screens for patio doors and windows are sold in boxes and are also available in rolls. Our Screen line offers a wide range of products and accessories. Fiberglass and aluminum nets are available, among others, according to the type of screen needed.

Our Screen line offers products such as pet doors and screen, adjustable screen for windows, micromesh, frame kits, spline and installation tools, in short, equipment to carry out  fast and easy professional work. 

Fiberglass Screen Wire

An inexpensive option that is easy to install and will last a longtime. Fiberglass screen wire quickly and easily installs and is guranteed not to crease or leave an indentation.


 Fiberglass Screen Wire

Aluminum Screen Wire

The original insect screen wire. Aluminum screen wire is designed to be tough and long lasting while at the same time not rusting or saging.The protective coating is designed to strength the wires weave.



Micromesh Screen Wire

A finer fiberglass weave mesh that is designed to keep out small insects. Micromesh screen wire quickly and easily installs and is guranteed not to crease or leave an indentation.


 Micromesh Fine Fiberglass Screen Wire

Pet Resistant Screen Wire

Pet resistant screening is made from vinyl coated polyester. This fabric is much heavier and stronger than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. Pet resistant screen wire is 7 times stronger than traditional standard screening and is resistant to tear and damage caused by household pets.


 Pet Resistant Screen Wire

Deco Screen Wire

For an exquisite finishing touch to a gazebo or patio door. Not only is Deco Screen aesthetically pleasing, it will also increase intimacy, all the while allowing a clear view from the inside out.

Deco Screen installs easily like regular screening. It can be secured to an aluminum frame, nailed to a wood moulding or installed with the Snap Lock* self adhesive moulding, which can be installed and removed in a blink


 Decorative Screen Wire

Tools & Accessories

Easy Screen has a full selection of installation tools, splines and frames to help you quickly and easily install your screen of choice.

 Screen Spline