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WJ Dennis & Company

Foam Tapes - Which One Is Right For You?

WJ Dennis has been manufacturing foam tapes for many years.

Those years of experience has taught us that each application requires something different and because of that we have different foam tapes to meet your every need:


"Tight Fit" Open Cell Foam


The original weatherstrip foam tape. It is designed to compress easily and is almost mistake proof as the tape easily compresses to fill any gap that it is used on


"Wide Gap" Closed Cell Foam  

A PVC foam for sealing larger gaps. This foam resists moisture extremely well. This foam tape is ideal for sealing around air conditioners or loose fitting doors.


"Heavy Density" Closed Cell Foam  

Perfect for sealing where there is a noticeable gap. This foam does not compress easily and resists moisture extremely well


"Home & Auto Super Firm" Sponge Rubber  

A popular choice for all round use. A very durable foam for use in areas exposed to significant moisture or areas subject to heavy vibration, such as automobiles. This foam compresses easily and returns to shape immediately, unlike PVC which returns to shape more gradually.


"Premium Heavy Density" 100% Rubber  

Very similar to our Home & Auto Super Firm Sponge Rubber but is much heavier with greater denisty. This results in a longer life expectancy


"Premium" EPDM Rubber  

The Top of the Line. A superior quality product combining the best features of all the other foam tapes. It is designed to compress easily and return to its original shape immediately. Resists moisture extremely well.

So durable it will last 10 years under normal use.